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Scientist and professor

Discovering new things, knowing more, making connections and communicating them to people – this is what motivates many researchers. Usually they have a personal life theme that intrigues them from a young age onwards.

Changing and improving people’s lives

“Research is a very individual matter. It starts out with the desire to learn. This is more than mere curiosity: wanting to learn is a conscious, structured approach based on insight into one’s not-knowing. The more methodologically we proceed, the more our work becomes comprehensible and verifiable. As with artists, we find our own questions which we are interested in long-term and with which we are actively engaged. We are often captivated by certain topics for very individual reasons. But research only works as a team effort. Progress is made only by working together: by having conversations, dialogues with users and discussions with colleagues, always inspired by leading thinkers and scientists from other fields. The most important thing is to develop one’s own style of thinking and working, and to continuously strive for improvement”, says Peter A. Bruck.

Media and technologically mediated communication are Bruck’s life themes. As a professor for new media and e-technologies, Bruck has headed international research programs in the field of media and communication sciences, advised the European Commission as well as national governments, published reference works in the areas of news analysis and media economy, and coached and promoted students.

Bruck has established research institutions and universities for new media and technologies recognized throughout Europe, campaigned for best practice examples in interactive digital media production and led international juries and expert bodies in China, India, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, Mexico and South Africa. He has developed and evaluated science, technology and innovation initiatives on three continents. For his outstanding contribution to Austrian science and international research, Bruck received the Honorary Cross for Science and Art of the Republic of Austria in 2005.

“I am attracted to the uniqueness of a new insight, a new solution. I am interested in applied research and development; more so than in basic research. Through my work, I wish to show that the area of applications is particularly exciting. And that it demands intellectual excellence of researchers,” says Bruck, as “communication and the development of communication technologies are the existential foundations for our present and our future.”

The privilege of being able to follow one’s curiosity

As a scientist, Bruck made the leap from abstract critical analysis to the development of practical innovations. His motivation: “Communication science and mass media research & media sociology, in particular, are empirical and analytical scientific fields which you can approach using critical theories or a cultural studies perspective. In the end, you have produced plenty of paper and certainly conveyed new insights to many students. But you actually haven’t changed much. This only succeeds when you switch to applied computer science, e.g., and develop new solutions and applications. Social innovations are tough to implement and take a long time to be put into practice. Technical innovations can be faster to accomplish. This is fun”, says Bruck. Because the aim should be “that young people are able to actively participate in shaping our society.”

Peter A. Bruck is convinced that “Society needs new solutions through research, as research and development ought to improve people’s quality of life. Researchers have the privilege of being able to follow their curiosity day by day in their work. This makes the researcher’s profession so attractive!”

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