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Creator and ambassador

Researchers know only too well the central importance of the human right to freedom and thus to creation. Freedom means being able to operate and engage in the most diverse areas. Freedom therefore does not mean freedom from anything, but freedom to do something: to have ideas, to discover new things, to know more, to question, to engage, to develop, to mediate and to make progress.

Manager and entrepreneur

'learn, earn and return': Companies that take responsibility for society invest in the sustainability of their own success. To take responsibility, however, also means not letting the company's basic objectives fall under the table. With regard to its employees and stakeholders, a company has the duty to do its utmost in order to do business successfully.

Scientist and professor

'improving people’s lives': Discovering new things, knowing more, making connections and communicating them to people – this is what motivates many researchers. Research is a very individual matter. It starts out with the desire to learn. This is more than mere curiosity: wanting to learn is a conscious, structured approach based on insight into one’s not-knowing.

Telefon: +43(0) 662 834 602 - 0