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Manager and entrepreneur

Companies that take responsibility for society invest in the sustainability of their own success. To take responsibility, however, also means not letting the company's basic objectives fall under the table. With regard to its employees and stakeholders, a company has the duty to do its utmost in order to do business successfully.

Taking responsibility

Peter A. Bruck’s sense of responsibility is based on his Christian beliefs and his positive view of people. “When – mainly young – people meet me, I trust them, expect the best and put my hopes in them.” Bruck’s success proves him right. As CEO of Research Studios Austria Forschungsgesellschaft, Peter A. Bruck directs seven Research Studios. As Chief Researcher, Bruck is a driving motor for the creative application and excellence of new communication technologies and IT solutions. The RSA team cooperates with Austrian universities and international partners in a total of seven sites. It has customers in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and Central America, as well as the Arab world.

Motivation through giving back and promoting

Asked about the motivation and source of strength for his inexhaustible work, Peter A. Bruck responds: “I have received a lot from this society and this world, and I would like to give something back. I have been able to develop freely in this world and could work for everything. I am committed to the American motto 'learn, earn and return'. That is why I hope to improve deficits in society through my activities.”

Promoting young people is particularly important to Bruck. “In the Science Year 2012, our research facility will continue to show young people how incredibly interesting research is.” Because, as is his credo, “It is important to wake enthusiasm for science and the transfer of knowledge from universities early. Well-trained young talent as well as constant evolution in science and research is essential for the future viability of the Research Studios. And as a basis for modern society.”

Telefon: +43(0) 662 834 602 - 0