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UN-based World Summit Award mobile announces best mobile apps 2012

Salzburg/Abu Dhabi, Nov 05th, 2012. Apps that guide patients with Alzheimer disease or turn your neighborhood into an augmented reality setting for mobile gaming are but a few examples of this year’s World Summit Award mobile (WSA-mobile) winners. On a biannual basis, the contest selects 40 of the most outstanding and useful apps from all over the world. This year’s winners come from 28 countries on 5 continents and demon- strate the richness of the world’s mobile content: “Our goal is to find and promote mobile content that really makes a difference for people around the globe. The awarded apps prove that there is a lot going on outside Europe and the USA. “If we want to make use of mobile technology’s full potential, these trends must not be ignored,” WSA-mobile chairman Peter A. Bruck stated.

Northern lights shining bright

With three winning projects each, China, Finland, and Germany are the most successful participants of WSA-mobile 2012. German producers impressed the jury with a mobile map for wheel chair users, while Spain settled the race with an app for diabetes patients. In the far north, Finish producers demonstrated their sense for innovative games; After having been awarded for Angry Birds in 2010, Finland’s mobile game “Shadow Cities” convinced this year’s jury. But the Finish producers were not the only northerners to rock the boat, with a total of 10 winners, producers from Baltic and Scandinavian countries proved that their mobile app industry has become a stronghold of innovation.

Asian Developers on the fast lane

While Europeans received the most awards in this year’s contest, Asian app developers approved their role as the world’s mobile shooting stars. Asian contest winners come from China (3), Indonesia (1), Sri Lanka (2), Singapore (1) and Japan (1). Chinese de- velopers were awarded for an app that allows citizens to keep track of their gas con- sumption and reduce emissions. Another outstanding example of Asian innovativeness is Japan’s Magic Reader – a mobile app that empowers paralyzed people by enabling them to read on their iPads without using their arms.

African Awakening

In another part of the globe, this year’s World Summit Award mobile saw a premiere. For the first time, there are two African Apps among the 40 contest winners. I Police from Nigeria and deriveapp 2.0 from Uganda are proof that Africa’s mobile industry is growing strong. “Two out of forty winners might not seem overwhelming at the first glance, but considering the relatively small number of just 41 participating products, Africa proves that there is a lot to expect from there for the years to come”, WSA chairman Peter A. Bruck stated.

South Americans engaging their citizens

South American app developers were able to win 4 awards. Compared to 3 winners in 2010, this is a success for the Latin American ICT branch. Amongst the winners from Latin America, there is a Brazilian app that fosters citizens’ participation in public admin- istration. Another remarkable service from Brazil supports deaf communication. Paraguay settled the race with Keapo, a mobile vending platform that allows for users to buy and sell goods without commission.

A Russian American liaison

North American producers received a total of three awards in this year’s contest. Fur- thermore, they impressed the jury with an unconventional co-production: News Service was developed by a team based in Russia and the US and has been awarded for its user based and customized news feed service.

Abu Dhabi – Summit of mobile diversity

All the winners of this year’s contest will be invited to Abu Dhabi. From February 3rd to 5th 2013, WSA-mobile will host a global congress for mobile content, – turning Abu Dhabi into the center of the mobile world. The event that will be organized with WSA-mobile key partner ADSIC will offer a platform for the awardees to present their services and projects to potential partners and investors. Furthermore, an on sight jury will select the best of the five winning products in every one of the eight contest categories – the mo- bile champions 2013.

The 40 Winners of World Summit Award mobile 2012:

1) m-Learning & Education:
 Back in Time: Portugal
 Project Noah: Canada
 Knowledge Pulse: Austria
 Math Mage: Jordan
 Wild Chords: Finland
2) m-Entertainment & Lifestyle:
 Shadow Cities: Finland
 Star Walk: Russia
 QTOM: Germany
 Dermandar: Libanon
 Ozo Knyga: Lituania
3) m-Business & Commerce:
 Hostelworld: Ireland
 Streetspotr: Germany
 iButterfly: China
 Keapo: Paraguay
 Mobicash: Bahreïn
4) m-Government & Participation:
 Roadroid: Sweden
 Transforming Access and Discovery of Digital Library Resources for the Gen-C
(Connected Generation): Singapore
 MyFunCity: Brazil
 Towngas: China
 i-Police: Nigeria
5) m-Environment & Health:
 Life with Cancer: Denmark
 Social Diabetes: Spain
 Positive Technology: Italy
 Hormone Check: Norway
 Prognosis: Your Diagnosis: Sri Lanka 6) m-Inclusion & Empowerment:
 Magic Reader: Japan
 AlzNav: Portugal
 WheelMap: Germany
 Design and Implementation of an application kit for visually impaired people using
the Android SDK : Écuador
 Hand Talk: Brazil
7) m-Tourism & Culture:
 Map2app: Italy
 Tripwolf: Austria
 Taxipal: Estonia
 Harpoen: Indonesia
 Deriveapp 2.0, Uganda
8) m-Media & News:
 Scoopshot: Finland
 News Service: USA/ Russia
 Traffic Mate: Sri Lanka
 Bambuser: Sweden
 Maestro Digital Publishing Site: China

About the WSA-mobile
Organised by the International Center for New Media (ICNM) in Salzburg, the World Summit Award Mobile is a global initiative within the framework of the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). The award takes place on a biannual basis in collaboration with UNESCO, UNIDO and UN GAID. Its key partner Abu Dhabi Sys- tems & Information Center (ADSIC) hosts the global WSA-mobile Winners’ Events in Abu Dhabi.

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